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Awesome Geek-Chic Wedding Photo Ideas

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to show off your personality but sometimes that gets forgotten in your photographs! If you've got a wedding that is full of geek-tastic elements then why not bring that out in your photographs as well?

Photoshop is a wonderful thing and there are many photographers out there willing to Photoshop light sabres and magic wands into your images. Sure, they may not look natural and candid like traditional wedding images but they will definitely look kick-ass and will be so much fun to create on the day!

We've scoured the inter-web to find the best geeky wedding photos from the best photographers in the business to inspire you! So get your geek on and have a browse through some ideas below...

Harry Potter

Muggles all over the world will be jealous of your wedding duels and patronuses (is that the plural of patronus? Who knows?) when you come out with images like these...

This amazing image is the work of the fabulous AJT Images!

Star Wars

This has to be by far, the most common geeky wedding photo idea but that's because it is just classically awesome! And one that you can get the whole wedding party involved in too!

There's quite a few looks you can go for with the Star Wars theme but there's nothing I love more than a good running away from danger shot of the bridal party like this from Little Blue Lemon Photography.

Or of course you can get those light sabres out like in this group shot by AJT Images...

Or use the force to show who you now belong to! Nothing says 'I love you' more than that! This is another shot from the very talented AJT Images...

Back to the Future

Jump in that Delorean and relive the moment you first met the love of your life! For all classic 80s movie fans, this is a must have wedding shot! This one was by Tom Halliday...

Jurassic Park

Nothing ruins a wedding party like a dinosaur gatecrashing it! But it does mean that you get kick ass photos like this one from Quinn Miller Photo + Design! This is just totally rawr-some (sorry, it had to be done!)


One of the most popular wedding themes is Disney but you can take it one step further by having your photographer create some magical Disney princess moments like these...

A Tangled tribute by Tokyo Magic...

When your bridal party are those magical woodland critters!

Doctor Who

As long as you're not serving fish fingers and custard to your guests then you can get your Doctor Who geekiness on for your big day! Grab your sonic screwdriver and step into the TARDIS for a wedding day to remember. This is another offering from the brilliant ATJ Images...

The Walking Dead

You've found your zombie apocalypse partner so now you can take on the hoards together! I just love this image by Day & Knight Photography and especially that Lucille made an appearance...

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton fans unite! Being a big fan of anything Gothic, this is one of those themes that I just adore! And the iconic image can be recreated on your big day like the one below from AJT Images. What a special keepsake from your wedding day!

These are just a few ideas for what you can achieve when you and your photographer get creative! If you want images of this style then make sure you choose a photographer who has done this sort of work before and you'll be sure to get some cracking geek-chic photos to keep forever!

Now I'm off to buy Photoshop and redo ALL of my wedding photos...

Lily x

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