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Believe it or not, planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times of your life, especially when you have two families to deal with. Planners are not here to take the fun parts away from planning your wedding, we’re here to take the stressful bits away so that you can enjoy the fun parts to the full and can sleep soundly knowing that the wedding of your dreams will go swimmingly.

We understand that it is your day and you have the vision, we just put the logistics in place to make it happen! Having a wedding planner is often seen as a high expense in what is already an expensive time but our ethos is to bring affordable wedding planning to all of the couples that need our help. To top it off, we work with hundreds of suppliers across the UK and have negotiated exclusive discounts so we can save you even more money!

Find out more about all of our packages in our Wedding Brochure below.

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Our fixed and affordable fees help you to completely plan a wedding planner into your budget. We charge a set fee. We have no hidden charges and all fees are paid in installments. We do not work on commission and receive no commission from our suppliers.

All prices include planning services and do not include materials or suppliers but using our services may mean you can access exclusive discounts from our recommended suppliers.

*Our prices increase each year to accommodate inflation, staff wage increases in line with the living wage, and increases in the cost of living.

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