Always the Bridesmaid: Dress Styles throughout the Decades

Bridesmaid's dresses are always the talk of the town, whether good or bad (and sometimes shockingly bad)! So I thought I'd invite you all to take a trip down the decades with me to see if any of these modern interpretations of bygone eras spark some inspiration for your big day! I say bring back the puffy dresses...but I'm just strange like that!


I am a huge Jane Austen fan and in my days of working in the theatre, I adapted and directed two Jane Austen productions so spent a lot of time choosing Regency dresses and I think they would make stunning bridesmaid's dresses! It's all about softness and sophistication with flowing fabrics and soft pastel colours which would be perfect for any wedding inspired by English country cottages and traditional Afternoon Teas!

My recommendation for a wedding supplier that can help you achieve a look inspired by this era is the fab Matchimony with their beautiful range of bridesmaid's dresses.

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If you're a fan of corsets and big dresses then this might just be the way to go! Particularly fitting with Steampunk and Gothic styles, Victorian inspiration carries poise and femininity in abundance and personally I would be so excited if I was asked to wear a Victorian inspired, Alice in Wonderland-esque, gown as a bridesmaid! Talk about Princess for the day!

A few of my favourite suppliers that can help you achieve this look are the super cool dress & corset maker Engineers of Desire and the amazing lace boots from House of Elliot!