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The Many Hats of the Wedding Planner

So you've decided you would like to hire a wedding planner (good choice!) but there are so many to choose from! How do you decide who to go with? Believe it or not, all wedding planners are completely different! There are many different styles of wedding planner and each planner will have their strengths and their weaknesses so it's a good idea to get to know how the planner you are considering works.

Consultations are a great way to discover which hat your planner wears. They are usually free (I have no idea why some charge for the opportunity to sell themselves? Baffling!) so are a definite! To help prepare you to uncover your planner's preferences, I have listed below some of the many hats of the wedding planner...

The Pinterester

Don't get me wrong, I love a good Pinterest board but the Pinterester planner will spend most of their time on the app! One of their first tasks will be to create a board around your chosen theme and they will be big on their styling. They'll have loads of creative ideas and if you want to stick rigidly to a theme, they are definitely the planner for you!

The Logistic Lover

Planning, planning, planning - it's in the name! The Logistic Lover planner will be all about schedules, budgets and the admin tasks that is actually takes to get this show on the road. They are incredibly organised and you'll be wowed at their efficiency. Logistic Lover planners usually come from an event management background, they may have studied it or worked in corporate events previously. They understand that you have the vision but just need some help to bring it to life and they are smashing business people! If you want to feel reassured that your wedding will run like clockwork then this is the planner for you!

The Stylist

What can I say? The Stylist planner will make your venue look absolutely showstopping! They are usually more of a stylist and decor business rather than a planning business but the two are often used interchangeably in the wedding world. They won't be sitting down and writing you budgets but they'll be searching high and low for the perfect centrepieces to give your wedding the wow factor! If you've got your logistics covered but want to take your wedding decor to the next level then pick a Stylist planner and you definitely won't regret it. You can usually find these planners on Instagram with feeds that are so beautiful you want to cry (no? Just me? OK then...)

All wedding planners will partially wear all of these hats (and others that I don't have time to list!) but they will all have a definite one that they lean more towards and that's the beauty of a wedding planner! We can all bring something different to the table and I love meeting other planners for a cuppa because we learn so much from each other.

At the end of the day all planners are there to take some of your stress away from you while you plan your big day and are a huge asset that are often overlooked (until it's too late!).

If you're considering hiring a planner then my advice for you is to go for a consultation (what have you got to lose?) and if they make you feel at ease, if you can sigh a sigh of relief when you meet them, then you know they are the planner for you.

I'm sure you can guess what type of planner I am but if you would like to know more then contact me today at

Lily x

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