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How to Make Your Wedding Personal With Poetry

by Rachel @ Veil and Verse

Most brides to be will admit that they have been planning their wedding day since they were a little girl. Sauntering elegantly down the aisle in a pristine white dress, throwing your perfectly preened bouquet and capturing that all important kissing shot in front of the confetti; these are some of the classic moments you might have dreamt about. However, once you delve deeper into the planning process, it becomes clear that personalisation is everything when it comes to your special day.

A Bespoke Wedding Day

If you’re planning your own wedding right now, you’ve probably attended others as a guest too. Even if you weren’t engaged at the time, you and your plus one probably (secretly) critiqued every aspect of the day, from the food you ate to the ceremony readings. The problem with some weddings these days are that they often come as ‘package deals.’ The venue makes you an offer that is too good to refuse and your wedding is just the same as everybody else’s. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it doesn’t give you the bespoke touch that many brides are looking for. You want your guests to be impressed with the uniqueness of your wedding day, so how can this be achieved?

Personalised Poetry

One simple, unique and inexpensive way of adding a personalised touch to your wedding day is with bespoke poetry. Arguably, the most important aspect of your day is the ceremony, but most couples don’t even consider the finer details. Plucking a random poem about love or a so-called, funny wedding reading from Google is all good, but will your guests be enthralled by this or bored to death? Don’t worry, Veil and Verse is a bespoke poetry writing service that can create poetic perfection on your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a rhyming poem that’s all about you as a couple or a show stopping speech, they’ve got you covered.

Why Does Your Wedding Day Need Bespoke Poetry?

Bespoke poetry is the perfect way to make your wedding ceremony, vows or speeches memorable for you and your guests. If you were to ask a wedding guest what they remember most about a wedding day, it will almost certainly be the personalised touches.

Similarly, once your bouquet has wilted, the cake has been eaten and your dress has been packed away neatly, you will want a little piece of your wedding to hold onto. Your personalised wedding poem will be yours to keep forever; it’s the type of keepsake that will never get old. You could even frame your poem and display it in your home as a memory of your special day.

How Does Personalised Wedding Poetry Work?

When you’re stuck for the perfect words to say, purchasing a poem will take the stress away instantly. If you’re in the midst of wedding planning right now, you may have already spent hours on the internet trying to find the perfect reading or poem. This is the exact story of how Veil and Verse came into fruition; Rachel was planning her own wedding and was completely underwhelmed by the range of poems available online. This is something that many brides to be will be able to relate to and the truth is, ‘the perfect wedding poem’ doesn’t exist unless it’s written especially for you!

When you purchase a poem through Veil and Verse, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire that asks you a whole range of facts. You can explain details of your wedding day, share stories about the way you met and even mention any funny moments that could be included. Even if you are struggling to put it down on paper, a free consultation call with the owner, Rachel, will help you to express everything you want for your bespoke wedding poem.

Has This Sparked Your Interest?

Like many brides right now, you’re probably interested in finding out how you can incorporate personalised poetry into your wedding day. You can discover more about Veil and Verse bespoke wedding poetry at or by emailing any questions to When you subscribe to their website you will receive an exclusive discount for your first order. Also, make sure you follow them on Instagram @VeilandVerse for daily rhymes, motivation, wedding planning tips, giveaways and so much more!

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