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Capture your Day Naturally with Documentary Style Photography

In this guest blog, Joe Josland explains what Documentary Style wedding photography is and why you might want it for your big day!

Why is Documentary Wedding Photography my style?

I’ll try and keep this one relatively to the point, but i’ll also explain the differences between Documentary Wedding Photography and traditional wedding photography.

When you look back at your images I want you to remember what you were feeling, rather than what you had been told to do by a photographer. Having a photographer tell you where to look, how to stand and ultimately how you’re feeling detracts from your emotions and how you’ll remember the day.

You get to see things you didn’t even know happened. Although the bride and groom are my main focus, i’m in and around the guests all day catching them relishing in all your hard work you did to put together an amazing wedding. Even at the end of the night when people are too pickled to stand up, that’s when i’m there.

Documentary wedding photography is perfect if you’re camera shy or self-conscious. I’m not one that enjoys my photo being taken so I completely understand couples that don’t either. That’s why it’s nicer to not be posed or forced to take cheesy photographs that you won’t enjoy. Capturing precious moments together has so much more feeling when you don’t know you’re being observed.

It’s your wedding day, not mine, not the mother-in-laws, but yours. So if you don’t want portraits or group shots, then don’t have them. Trust in your photographer to do their job and capture all the fun and happiness of your day. I’m not saying I don’t do a few group shots, but I keep them interesting and quick.

Documentary wedding photography is a top choice for those that want a relaxed approach to their wedding photography and ultimately just want to enjoy their wedding day with everything it has to offer.

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